MUSING – April 05 2018


2 John 9-11
“Everyone who doesn’t continue to teach what Christ taught doesn’t have God. The person who continues to teach what Christ taught has both the Father and the Son.   If anyone comes to you and doesn’t bring these teachings, don’t take him into your home or even greet him. Whoever greets him shares the evil things he’s doing.

    If anyone teaches or preaches something different than what Jesus taught and preached, how are you to know that you aren’t being deceived?

   There are powerful, charming, charismatic teachers and preachers who have large followings. Some because they say the things that people want to hear. And some because God has blessed them. How do you know which from which?

It really is not difficult. Follow the one who teaches what Christ taught. But be careful not to let anyone deceive you. Many will come using Jesus’s name.* Just because they say, “Jesus said” doesn’t mean Jesus said or that the words weren’t taken out of context. How are you to know?

There is only one way to know what Jesus taught … read the Bible. Read it prayerfully asking God to reveal his truth to you.

Isn’t your eternal life worth a little study on your own?

*Matthew 24:4-5


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