MUSING April 14 2018


Malachi 2:10
Don’t all of us have the same father? Hasn’t the same God created us? Why are we unfaithful to each other? And why do we dishonor the promise given to our ancestors?”

My father’s father is a mystery to me. My father was raised by a stepdad. My father used his stepfather’s name but it was never legally changed. That last name became legally mine on the day I was born … it is on my birth certificate. Otherwise my last name would be Audley.

Not only is that paternal grandfather a mystery, so is my father. He died while I was quite young and I have no real memories of him. All I have are stories, and not many of those.

However, I do know who my Heavenly Father is. It is He who gives me my true name.* Plus, because he is the Father of all, that means everyone everywhere, and every-when are my siblings. We are family and we should treat each other that respect.

How can you show that brotherly or sisterly love today? If you honestly believe that we are family, how does that change how you treat those who look or speak differently?

*Revelation 2:17

All content (except quotations) © 2018 Thomas E. Williams.

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