MUSING – April 16 2018


Psalms 37:1-6
    “Do not be preoccupied with evildoers. Do not envy those who do wicked things.  They will quickly dry up like grass and wither away like green plants. Trust the LORD, and do good things. Live in the land, and practice being faithful.  Be happy with the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Entrust your ways to the LORD. Trust him, and he will act on your behalf. He will make your righteousness shine like a light, your just cause like the noonday sun.”


    I watch the news and I become stunned by the evil that is loose in this world. I use the word stunned on purpose because it means “to astonish or shock (someone) so that they are temporarily unable to react.” that is how I react or fail to react to man’s inhumanity. Their godlessness overwhelms me.

    This inability to act is a trick of the evil one. He wants us stunned into inactivity. This is not the will of the LORD. His perfect will is that we actively:

  • trust the LORD,
  • do good things.
  • Live in the land
  • practice being faithful.  
  • be happy with the LORD.

    Then will we become beacons of light in this dark world. Become a lighthouse that leads others safely into His presence. AMEN.

All content (except quotations) © 2018 Thomas E. Williams

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