MUSING – April 30 2018



Jonah 1:1-3
The LORD spoke his word to Jonah, son of Amittai. He said,  “Leave at once for the important city, Nineveh. Announce to the people that I can no longer overlook the wicked things they have done.”  Jonah immediately tried to run away from the LORD by going to Tarshish. He went to Joppa and found a ship going to Tarshish. He paid for the trip and went on board. He wanted to go to Tarshish to get away from the LORD.  

    Have you ever wondered how God chooses the people to whom he assigns special tasks? I have. It often appears that he intentionally picks the worst possible candidate. He then says something like don’t be afraid and by the way I’m sending to the most frightening place you can think of.

  • Abraham / Abram was already a senior citizen who lived in one of the largest cities of the day. Good told him to GO but didn’t provide a map.
  • Moses the Hebrew who grew up in a palace and was tested as a son to the man who enslaved his people. He killed a man then ran and hid in the dessert. God called this person who was out of touch with his own kind, to go back to the land where he was wanted for murder. Not just go back, but to free the Hebrews form the mightiest king.
  • Gideon, who by his own words was the least of the least, of the least, of the least. He was told to take an extremely small army of 300 men into battles against 135,000 seasoned Midianite troops who had been a plague on the land for years.
  • And Jonah was told to go to the capital city of his people worst enemy. However he wasn’t sent to destroy them but to save them. He tried to run and hide but God had a plan for him.

    God had a plan for you. And the odds are good that it will take you far outside your comfort zone. But remember, the battle is LORD’S you just to be faithful.

All content (except quotations) © 2018 Thomas E. Williams

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