MUSINGS – June 07 2018


2 Corinthians 11:1-4
“I want you to put up with a little foolishness from me. I’m sure that you will. I’m as protective of you as God is. After all, you’re a virgin whom I promised in marriage to one man–Christ. However, I’m afraid that as the snake deceived Eve by its tricks, so your minds may somehow be lured away from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ. When someone comes to you telling about another Jesus whom we didn’t tell you about, you’re willing to put up with it. When you receive a spirit that is different from the Spirit you received earlier, you’re also willing to put up with that. When someone tells you good news that is different from the Good News you already accepted, you’re willing to put up with that too.”

Listen to me. I proclaim one thing to you and that is Christ Jesus crucified, buried, resurrected, glorified, and coming again.

If I tell you the truth and you reject it, the punishment falls to you. However if I deceive you and you are lead away, my punishment will be far greater*, but you will still be Lost. Read the Bible. Know the Bible so that you will not be deceived**.

*Luke 17:2

** 2 Timothy 3:16-17

All content (except quotations) © 2018 Thomas E. Williams


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