MUSINGS – June 18 2018


Luke 16 9 Jesus continued, “I’m telling you that although wealth is often used in dishonest ways, you should use it to make friends for yourselves. When life is over, you will be welcomed into an eternal home. 10 Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with a lot. Whoever is dishonest with very little is dishonest with a lot. 11 Therefore, if you can’t be trusted with wealth that is often used dishonestly, who will trust you with wealth that is real? 12 If you can’t be trusted with someone else’s wealth, who will give you your own?

          I learned a long time ago to never trust someone who says, “Let me tell you the truth.” I reasoned that if they had to preface the next statement by telling me it was the truth, then everything they had said before that must have been a lie. I know that it is an oversimplification. However, there is evidence from psychologist Robert Feldman in a decades long study at the University of Massachusetts that “60% of people lie during a typical 10-minute conversation and that they average two to three lies during that short timeframe.”

          While in bible college, I told a big lie … on purpose. Each student was asked to prepare a short sermon and present it to the class. I made my sermon a total lie. First of all I quoted a fictitious book of the bible with scriptures that didn’t exist and then built a sermon around that non-existent scripture. Keep in mind that most of those students were planning on becoming ordained clergy. And not one of them realized that the quoted scriptures were a lie. The point of my sermon was to prove how easily false information could be accepted as truth … if you didn’t check the evidence for yourself. Choose who and what you believe carefully … not everyone is telling you the truth.

If you were me, at this point, I’d verify the scripture and the quoted study!

All content (except quotations) © 2018 Thomas E. Williams


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