MUSINGS – July 19 2018


Romans 1:11-14
“I long to see you to share a spiritual blessing with you so that you will be strengthened. What I mean is that we may be encouraged by each other’s faith. I want you to know, brothers and sisters, that I often planned to visit you. However, until now I have been kept from doing so. What I want is to enjoy some of the results of working among you as I have also enjoyed the results of working among the rest of the nations. I have an obligation to those who are civilized and those who aren’t, to those who are wise and those who aren’t.”

Paul believed that it is a privilege and an obligation to lift one another, to encourage each other. He states it in this passage and repeats it in his letter to those in Thessalonica. “Therefore, encourage each other and strengthen one another as you are doing. Brothers and sisters, we ask you to show your appreciation for those leaders who work among you and instruct you.” (Thessalonians 5:11-12)

It is vitally important for us to share our faith with fellow believers that we may fortify and Inspire each other.

It is a command of Christ that we share our faith with the civilized and the uncivilized, the wise and the unwise, and with all the nations.**

*1624 prose work by English poet John Donne.

**Mark 16:15 & Matthew 28:19-20

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