MUSINGS – July 20 2018


Matthew 10:40-42
The person who welcomes you welcomes me, and the person who welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me. The person who welcomes a prophet as a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward. The person who welcomes a righteous person as a righteous person will receive a righteous person’s reward. I can guarantee this truth: Whoever gives any of my humble followers a cup of cold water because that person is my disciple will certainly never lose his reward.”

If you receive a prophet, you will receive a prophet’s reward. And in like manner a righteous person, or a follower of Jesus. I had always read that to mean that the prophet, the righteous, it the follower would give a reward to those who received them. But as I look at it this morning, I believe it means that those who host will receive the SAME reward as those they receive.

That made me think of Hebrews 13:2
“Don’t forget to show hospitality to believers you don’t know. By doing this some believers have shown hospitality to angels without being aware of it.”

Be hospitable to all exactly as you would to the Lord himself. You will be well rewarded.

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