MUSINGS – August 06 2018


Genesis 5:1-5
“This is the written account of Adam and his descendants. When God created humans, he made them in the likeness of God. He created them male and female. He blessed them and called them humans when he created them. When Adam was 130 years old, he became the father of a son in his own likeness, in his own image. He named him Seth. After Adam became the father of Seth, he lived 800 years and had @ sons and daughters. Adam lived a total@à of 930 years; then he died.

Adam lived a long time, a very long time. He ate the fruit from the tree of Life.* Only one tree was forbidden, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.**

He lived a very long time after he ate the forbidden fruit, but he died. The forbidden fruit was not a slow acting poison. It was a test of obedience. Because of his lack of obedience he could no longer eat the fruit from the tree of Life.*** He died.

Death was never God’s plan. Life has always been what His intensions were for us. We were made to be immortal and always in fellowship with God. Even with the disobedience Adam’s death was only partial, death of the body not the spirit.

God still wants us to live. sake. He doesn’t want to destroy anyone but wants all people to have an opportunity to turn to him.**** A Way is given that mankind may yet live life eternal in fellowship with Him. Jesus is, “the way, the truth, and the life.”*****

Choose life.

*Genesis 2:8-9

**Genesis 2:16-1

***Genesis 3:22

****2 Peter 3:9

*****John 14:6

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