MUSINGS – August 28 2018


Mark 7:33-37 (Translations For Translators version)
So Jesus took him away from the crowd in order that the two of them could be alone. Then he put one of his fingers into each of the man’s ears. After he spat on his fingers, he touched the man’s tongue with his fingers. Then he looked up toward heaven, he sighed because he was concerned for the man, and then in his own language he said to the man’s ears, “Ephphatha”, which means, “Be opened {Open up}!”. At once the man could hear plainly [MTY]. He also began to speak clearly because what was causing him to be unable to speak was healed {Jesus healed what was causing him to be unable to speak}. Jesus told ◄ the people/his friends► not to tell anyone what he had done. But, although he ordered them and others repeatedly not to tell anyone about it, they kept talking about it very much. People who heard about it were utterly amazed and were saying enthusiastically, “Everything he has done is wonderful! Besides doing other amazing things, he enables deaf people to hear! And he enables those who cannot speak to speak!”

From our position of approximately 2000 years from the time of this story, we tend to take Jesus working of miracles for granted. But forget all that you know for a moment and just imagine that you are the man who could neither hear not speak.

Your friends come and grab you and began hurring you along toward the edge of the sea. A crowd had gathered around a man you haven’t seen before. He takes your hands and leads you away from your friends. What is going on? He turns you and looks straight into your eyes for a moment then puts his fingers in your ears! Seriously? What is happening? You start to pull away but, he looks at you with such commission that you decide to see what he’ll do next. He spits on this fingers then grabes your jaw in his hands and opens your mouth. Then, amazingly, he touched your tongue. You raise your voice to object and are started to hear your voice. You can speak! And you can hear! You stand, stunned for a moment then run shouting to your friends!

And now you hear this wonderful physician commanding you and others not to tell anyone what he had done. But you can’t help but raise your voice in praise of this stranger physician.

How about you? Could you (do you) keep Jesus a secret?

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