MUSINGS – October 01 2018


Mark 3:31-35
Then his mother and his brothers arrived. They stood outside and sent someone to ask him to come out. The crowd sitting around Jesus told him, “Your mother and your brothers are outside looking for you.” He replied to them, “Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?” Then looking at those who sat in a circle around him, he said, “Look, here are my mother and my brothers. Whoever does what God wants is my brother and sister and mother.”

Several things come to my mind when reading this section.

1 It follows shortly after his family came to take him away because they said he was insane.*

2. Jesus had told others that they must be willing to abandon their families** to be his disciple.

In the first instance his family had shown a lack of faith in him, while his followers had been faithful. And in the second, he was practicing what he preached. He was leading by example. If he was asking others to abandon their families, how much moreso did he need to choose God’s work above family obligations.

Now understand that he never meant that it was always necessary to abandon all family ties, just those that keep you from serving God. It is clear from reading the gospels that his mother was a faithful follower. The book of Jude is believed to be written by jesus’s brother, Jude, who was also a follower. So his family was not truly abandoned but they had to also be his follower.

When we accept Jesus as Savior, we are adopted in to his family.*** When we make him Lord of our life, we choose to follow his path rather than our own way.

Is Jesus both Savior and Lord of your life?

*Mark 3:21

**Luke 14:26

***Ephesians 1:5


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