MUSINGS – December 17, 2018



Mark 16:9-13
After Jesus came back to life early on Sunday, he appeared first to Mary from Magdala, from whom he had forced out seven demons. She went and told his friends, who were grieving and crying. They didn’t believe her when they heard that he was alive and that she had seen him.

Later Jesus appeared to two disciples as they were walking to their home in the country. He did not look as he usually did. They went back and told the others, who did not believe them either.

There was a lot of disbelief going on that Sunday morning when Jesus rose from the dead. The women who went to embalm him encountered an angel who told them that Jesus was alive, but they didn’t believe and fled in fear.

When Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene she ran to tell the good news to the disciples, they refused to believe her.

When Jesus appeared to two of his disciples they ran to tell the others but were not believed.

When I was first told of a risen savior, I didn’t believe. Much later I had my eyes opened and believed.

Jesus has commanded his followers to spread the good news where ever we go. We can only tell. We can not force belief upon them. However, by telling others the good news, we’ve opened the way for Jesus to appear to them also.

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