MUSINGS – December 31, 2018


Matthew 4:23-25
Jesus went all over Galilee. He taught in the synagogues and spread the Good News of the kingdom. He also cured every disease and sickness among the people. The news about Jesus spread throughout Syria. People brought him everyone who was sick, those who suffered from any kind of disease or pain. They also brought epileptics, those who were paralyzed, and people possessed by demons, and he cured them all. Large crowds followed him. They came from Galilee, the Ten Cities, Jerusalem, Judea, and from across the Jordan River.

Jesus went from town to town preaching, teaching, and healing in the synagogues. Crowds followed him from town to town. What he preached was the same message that John the Baptist had preached, repent of your sins and return to God because his kingdom is coming.

Along with his preaching he also brought healing

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