MUSINGS – January 12, 2019


Before we get to the Bible verse I want to explain the translation used.

Translation for Translators is a Bible translation that makes implied information explicit in the text as an aid to the translator.

I chose to use a translation with which you are unfamiliar because the verses are so familiar that by seeing them in unfamiliar language may let you see them with fresh eyes.

Matthew 6:9-13

So pray things like this: Father, you who are in heaven, we desire that you be honored/revered {that people honor/revere you}. We desire that people let you rule over their lives. We want people who live on the earth to do what you desire, as those who live in heaven do what you want them to do. Give us each day the food that we need for that day. Forgive our sins just like we have forgiven the people who sin against us. Do not let us do wrong things when we are tempted {someone or something tempts us}, and rescue us when Satan the evil one tempts us to do evil things.”

Today, I make no comments other than what Jesus said, “pray like this.”

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