MUSINGS – January 27, 2019


Matthew 8:14-17
When Jesus went to Peter’s house, he saw Peter’s mother-in-law in bed with a fever. Jesus touched her hand, and the fever went away. So she got up and prepared a meal for him. In the evening the people brought him many who were possessed by demons. He forced the evil spirits out of people with a command and cured everyone who was sick. So what the prophet Isaiah had said came true: “He took away our weaknesses and removed our diseases.”

In Matthew’s narrative it appears that recording all the miraculous things that Jesus did was less important to him than the fact that Jesus did them. Here he could have written chapter after chapter by listing each and every healing and exorcism. Instead Matthew lumped them all together with the simple words, “many”and”everyone”.

Matthew’s purpose for writing this gospel was not to give a history lesson. Nor was goal to write a biography of Jesus. His gospel showed how the life and acts of power performed by Jesus fulfilled old testament prophecy, proving that Jesus was the messiah.

What proofs do you have or need to prove to you that Jesus came to bring you into the kingdom of God?

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