MUSINGS – February 05, 2019
A synagogue leader came to Jesus while he was talking to John’s disciples. He bowed down in front of Jesus and said, “My daughter just died. Come, lay your hand on her, and she will live.” Jesus and his disciples got+ up and followed the man.

Jesus came to the synagogue leader’s house. He saw flute players and a noisy crowd. He said to them, “Leave! The girl is not dead. She’s sleeping.” But they laughed at him. When the crowd had been put outside, Jesus went in, took her hand, and the girl came back to life. The news about this spread throughout that region. .

There is whole lot going on in this section of scripture. Too much for me to cover in one post. So I’m saving verses 20-22 for tomorrow so we can focus on the synagogue leader and his daughter.

In Mark 5:22 & Luke 8;41 we learn that the leaders name is Jairus. He was a leader in the synagogue at Capernaum. This is the city where Jesus had healed the servant of an officer in the Roman army*. So It is obvious that Jesus’s healing powers were well known in the area.

In my mind I often lump all of the religious leaders into one group. But that is incorrect. Jesus’s remarks about the scribes and Pharisees was mostly aimed at the Temple priests and leaders of the Sanhedrin. As Jesus traveled, he often taught in the town’s synagogues.

We see in these verses a man who believed in Jesus’s healing power. He bowed down, literally fell to his knees in front of Jesus. His daughter was dead but he trusted that Jesus could resurrect his child. Jesus and his disciples go to jairud’s house (after brief interruption which will cover tomorrow) where they found a large crowd of mourners.

Jesus commands then to leave because the child was sleeping, but they laughed at him. I love what happened next: the crowd was “put outside.” Jairus followed Jesus’s command and had the mourners ‘put outside’.

Once the commotion was over, Jesus took the child by the hard and she became alive. The man who laid hands on lepers, and Roman slaves*. lifted Jairus’s daughter from the dead.

*Matthew 8:5-10 .
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