MUSINGS – February 11, 2019

Matthew 10:16-20

I’m sending you out like sheep among wolves. So be as cunning as snakes but as innocent as doves. Watch out for people who will hand you over to the Jewish courts and whip you in their synagogues. Because of me you will even be brought in front of governors and kings to testify to them and to everyone in the world. When they hand you over to the authorities, don’t worry about what to say or how to say it. When the time comes, you will be given what to say. Indeed, you’re not the ones who will be speaking. The Spirit of your Father will be speaking through you.”

Still speaking to the twelve as he instructs them to go throughout Israel, Jesus gives them a warning and a promise. He warns them that the Jewish authorities will do everything they can to stop the message they are to deliver. The promise is that, when they are brought before the rulers, it is an opportunity for the spirit of God to speak through them. I will admit that

I too often focus on the trial rather than the opportunity. How about you?

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