MUSINGS – February 21, 2019


Matthew 12:14-21
The Pharisees left and plotted to kill Jesus. He knew about this, so he left that place. Many people followed him, and he cured all of them. He also ordered them not to tell people who he was. So what the prophet Isaiah had said came true: “Here is my servant whom I have chosen, whom I love, and in whom I delight. I will put my Spirit on him, and he will announce justice to the nations. He will not quarrel or shout, and no one will hear his voice in the streets. He will not break off a damaged cattail. He will not even put out a smoking wick until he has made justice victorious. The nations will have hope because of him.”

As we read yesterday, Jesus had healed on the Sabbath, breaking the rabbinical law, which was punishable by death. He had also, in their eyes, committed blasphemy by claiming that he was Lord of the Sabbath. They wanted to kill him so he left the synagogue and many people followed him. Imagine if a person came into your church,  did something they you consider sacrilegious, and then left, taking most of the congregation with him. Do you now understand how the synagogue leaders felt? You would, most likely, be outraged and filled with hate towards that person who was leading so many people away from what you believe to be the true and righteous path.

Before we judge the religious leaders of that day, maybe we should take a look at our own prejudices toward other denominations and sects. Remove the log from our own eyes. (Matthew 7:5)

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