MUSINGS – March 17, 2019

Matthew 14:34-36
They crossed the sea and landed at Gennesaret. The men there recognized Jesus and sent messengers all around the countryside. The people brought him everyone who was sick. They begged him to let them touch just the edge of his clothes. Everyone who touched his clothes was made well.

Jesus was becoming known well enough that he was recognized as soon as the boat landed. They knew him as a healer. They started bringing sick people by the scores. Normally the reports we have of his healings, are of individual events and he conversed with them.

These people came to him so humbly that they simply asked to touch the edge of his clothing. I can just imagine the master circulating around in the crowed so that everyone had a chance for a healing.

If Jesus did any teaching or preaching here, the writer of Matthew didn’t record it. Somethings actions are the best lessons and The best sermons. What lessons are those around you learning?

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