Matthew 17:9-13
On their way down the mountain, Jesus ordered them, “Don’t tell anyone what you have seen. Wait until the Son of Man has been brought back to life.” So the disciples asked him, “Why do the scribes say that Elijah must come first?” Jesus answered, “Elijah is coming and will put everything in order again. Actually, I can guarantee that Elijah has already come. Yet, people treated him as they pleased because they didn’t recognize him. In the same way they’re going to make the Son of Man suffer.” Then the disciples understood that he was talking about John the Baptizer.

Color me confused. Like the disciples, if always understood that Jesus was talking about John the Baptizer when he said that Elijah had already come. But they’ve just come down the mountain from seeing Elijah with Moses and the transfigured Jesus. Sodid they see Elijah or did they see John the Baptist?

This just goes to show that you can’t take prophesies too literally. The prophet may say something like, “I saw a great dark cloud sweeping over the land.” And the fulfillment could be a war or a flood or something totally unexpected. That is why s-o-o-o many books have been written with the author’s interpretation of the book of Revelation.

Unfortunately, most prophesies can’t be understood until after they have been accomplished. Read through the gosples and see note many times Jesus said he must die and three dates later be resurrected. And yet, even after out happened, the disciples were slow too believe.

Since I’m not wise enough to interpret prophesies, nor gifted with the ability to seeing the future, I’ll just wait and see while I continue to pray for discernment ofthe scriptures.

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