Matthew 19:13-15
Then some people brought little children to Jesus to have him bless them and pray for them. But the disciples told the people not to do that. Jesus said, “Don’t stop children from coming to me! Children like these are part of the kingdom of God.” After Jesus blessed them, he went away from there.

I can almost, almost, understand the disciples turning these people and their children away. They weren’t blind, deaf, diseased, deformed, or demon possessed. They had no obvious NEED to be brought to Jesus. They appeared to be healthy, happy, normal children who shouldn’t take the time and energy of Jesus the healer.

In that culture children had little or no value to society. They could not make any useful contribution. That does not mean they weren’t loved and cherished by their parents. And it certainly doesn’t mean that God doesn’t also love and cherish them. “Children like these are part of the kingdom of God.”

Jesus wasn’t in his role of healer but of priest when he prayed for and blessed these little ones. His followers were accustomed to thinking of Jesus as teacher, preacher, and physician. However, he is also priest, king, sacrifice, saviour, sustainer, Lord, and God the son.

There is a danger in trying to limit Jesus to a single role or purpose in our lives. We can not keep him in too small of a box … or any box at all. He will always be bigger than our expectation.

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