The Lord’s Path

Proverbs 16:1-4 The plans of the heart belong to humans, but an answer on the tongue comes from the LORD. A person thinks all his ways are pure, but the LORD weighs motives. Entrust your efforts to the LORD, and your plans will succeed. The LORD has made everything for his own purpose, even wicked people for the day of trouble. This morning I began my prayer time by praying for our church leaders, the Bishop, district superintendent, pastors, committee chairs and members. I prayed that God’s path would be made clear to them, that they may become better followers and better leaders. Having done that, I intended to do my personal devotion study on palm 154. However, my old shaky fingers found the above passages on my digital bible. These scripture passages spoke so directly to the prayers I had just prayed. The Lord does indeed have a clear path that he has made straight and smooth for each of us. It is only to our human eyes that the road seems too be full of rough spots and curves. Prayer Lord, make your way plain to us. Give us strength and encouragement as we travel the way you have chosen for us. Amen.
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