Jude 1-2
Jude, a servant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James, to those who are beloved in God the Father, and who are guarded and called in Jesus Christ: May mercy, and peace, and love be fulfilled in you.

I am so humbled by the salutations in the various letters (epistles) saved in our scriptures.

Though I write daily in my various blogs, I haven’t taken pen to paper to write an actual letter in years. Furthermore, in those days past, the salutations of my letters ever only were “Dear, insert name here”. Never did I open with a blessing.

What does it cost us to offer a blessing to others? Nothing. I’ve begun to end phone conversations with “have a blessed day” rather than goodbye. Did you know that goodbye was a late 16th century contraction of God be with you, which was originally meant to be a blessing. However, goodbye had become so much less. Its modern meaning simple means I’m done talking to you.

Let us make it a goal to offer a blessing to someone at least once a day.

Father, fountain of all blessings, send your Spirit to prompt us to offer sincere blessings to those whom we are in connect today.

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