When Praying

Matthew 6:7 And when praying, do not choose many words, as the pagans do. For they think that by their excess of words they might be heeded. I have attended meetings where someone is asked to say a blessing over the meal. Too often I have witnessed those table blessings go on and on often filled with many extraneous words, such as repeating “Father” a dozen times in the prayer. As if God needs to be reminded who He is or that you are still speaking to Him. You would not do that if talking to “Bill”. How strange that would sound if you said, “Bill, I thank you, Bill, for coming, Bill, to our gathering that, Bill, you could be present, Bill, when, Bill, we dedicate this building, Bill, in your name, Bill.” The best prayer is a conversation with God. Say what needs to said then stop and listen. Prayer Lord, forgive us for not giving you enough time to answer and for piling up empty words when we pray. Amen. Also visit my other blogs
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