Quiet Time

Normally, I’m a early riser and Ella is not. And that works for both of us. I like to use the quiet time in the morning for study and writing. I find those times allow me to step out of the busyness of life. It also allows me time to meditate and pray. Quiet time is good for you. Psychcentrsl.com lists 7 reasons that we NEED quiet time. I’ll just list the bullet-points. If you want more information you can follow the link above.
  1. Rest and Renew
  2. Discover what’s important
  3. Make order out of chaos
  4. Spiritual renewal
  5. Find your sense of place
  6. Release stress
  7. Helps you heal
Mark 1:35, Matthew 14:13 and John 6:15 all tell of times when Jesus would seek time alone to pray. Prayer Creater God, you designed us to need the quiet times in our lives. Yet we no longer follow the natural cycle of daytime and nighttime. Too often we do not take a Sabbath of rest and reflection. Help us, Lord, to find quiet times in our busy lives. Amen. . Also visit my other blogs
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