MUSINGS ,- October 11, 2018


Mark 6:7-13

He called the twelve apostles, sent them out two by two, and gave them authority over evil spirits. He instructed them to take nothing along on the trip except a walking stick. They were not to take any food, a traveling bag, or money in their pockets. They could wear sandals but could not take along a change of clothes. He told them, “Whenever you go into a home, stay there until you’re ready to leave that place. Wherever people don’t welcome you or listen to you, leave and shake the dust from your feet as a warning to them.” So the apostles went and told people that they should turn to God and change the way they think and act. They also forced many demons out of people and poured oil on many who were sick to cure them.

Jesus had been training the twelve to be servants completely relying on the Master. At this time they are to be emissaries for the Master, acting as the Master and with all of the authority of the Master. And, as in the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30 and Luke 19:12-27), they are expected to bring an increase into the kingdom of God.

Now they are commissioned to go into the world and tell everyone the Good News while curing them. It is the same command that he will repeat to them in his last few earthly moments. (Mark 16: 24-18, Matthew 28:16-20, Acts 1:8)

They are to go with nothing but the clothes in their backs. They are to be Fully Reliant On God. It is the samething Jesus requires of all his followers: be willing to abandon everything and everyone that would keep you from serving God. (Mark 8:34)
Are you ready to be a F.R.O.G.?

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